We’re Finally on the Road, Full Time

Posted in Our Travels on November 1, 2014 Last Updated on November 27, 2014

We have been living in our camper for a little over a year. While having all of luxuries of constant power and water is great, winter is rapidly approaching and it’s time to finally get ourselves and our camper on the road full time.

Our first week out was more work than it was play or site-seeing. We did, however, at least have a chance to take a little break around Buggs Island in southern Virginia.

Buggs Island

Our route was based around the fact that there were a lot of work related stops we wanted to make towards the western half of the states. This worked out quite well, as it allowed us to travel through the Great Smoky Mountains area, and see the mountains while the leaves were changing.

After our first week living on the road, we were ready to take it easy for a while and stop moving. We searched for an area where the weather would be nice, and where the campground wouldn’t break the bank. After extensive searching, our choice came down to two campgrounds in Ashburn, Georgia. Our Passport America Membership gave us a larger discount at our first choice, but the site were too close to the highway for our needs of peace and quiet. We ended up going with our second choice, Wanee Lake, and are glad we did.

While at Wanee Lake, we needed to make an adjustment to our antenna for our internet. As chance would have it, Alan placed the ladder at the rear side of the camper, climbed up , and put his hand down in an area of roof where the wood was completely missing. It seems we had several slits in our roof  from impact damage, and repairs were needed. This is one of the times we appreciate insurance.

Progressive had an adjuster out  withing 48 hours, with a check in hand, We set up our repair at Mid-State RV Center, and made our way back north. On the way, we made a pit stop at Quality Auto & R.V. Service to have our camper tires replaced and avoid a blow out.

Mid State had the job done in only a few days. We were ready to get back on the road with all repairs made, and began checking the weather. A “polar vortex” was coming, and we needed to escape the freeze. We made our way south to warmer weather, and rented a spot for a month at Kelly’s Countryside RV Park.

Our initial trip is now complete. We are full-timers, living on the road, and living the dream!


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