Two Guns Ghost Town, Winslow, Arizona

Posted in Exploring the Abandoned, Our Travels on May 18, 2017 Last Updated on July 24, 2018

While staying at the Two Guns KOA, we were able to bike over and check out the Two Guns ghost town. There are 4 sections; two larger areas, a smaller set of buildings, and a single building, all built around a canyon. The whole thing was pretty awesome, with the coolest section being the furthest one back.

It was also time to give our new camera chest mount a try, so we have both video and photos of this one.

There are two ways into the ghost town – the main entrance on the road, and the gravel road leading from the abandoned Two Guns KOA.

From the main road, you encounter this structure first.

To the left and down a hill, you have two paths to take. To the left, are a couple of smaller out buildings, one of which is still somewhat intact.

Broidge Over Canyon at Two Guns Ghost Town in Winslow, Arizona

Straight ahead, there is a bridge across the canyon. It seems pretty solid, and both a van and a Class C RV crossed it while we were there.

Once across the bridge, you encounter the remains of a single building.

Further down the road is the last, largest, and best area.

That Two Guns Ghost Town. Have you been here, or stayed at the KOA nearby?


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