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Best Lightweight RV Mattress: Innerspace Luxury Products RV Mattress Review

Innerspace RV Mattress Review

Innerspace Luxury Products RV Mattress

When we first bought our used 2008 Forest River Wildwood 29TBSS it had a rather suspect looking sticks and bricks style mattress in it. We knew we would need to throw it out. We initially replaced it with our pillow top queen mattress from our sticks and bricks apartment. We really had to squish that mattress to fit into the slightly shorter bedroom in our travel trailer. The mattress was really heavy which made lifting the bed to access storage a grumpy two person job. Trying to put sheets on a mattress that has been shoved into a space half a foot too small was a painful and nearly impossible feat. This was still manageable until winter hit. We wintered in cold Richmond, Va. Anyone who has winter camped knows how awful condensation can be. We found when wrestling the sheets onto the bed that the wall the mattress was jammed up against was dripping with condensation. We could not

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