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Our Visit to the RV Museum in Elkhart, IN

RV/MH Hall of Fame – Museum – Library – Conference Center

21565 Executive Pkwy
Elkhart, IN
(574) 293-2344

In our planned stops through Indiana, and the RV capital of the world, we had to add in the RV Museum. The museum allows overnight parking, but you may not put slides out or jacks down during business hours. We parked in an RV spot, next to the median, in case we decided to take them up of the offer. Outside the museum are a few RVs to view, which we checked out before heading inside.

After paying our admission fee and listening to the introduction, we headed into the initial showroom. The first thing to see, is a basic RV video, and a display showing how RV’s – travel trailers and fifth wheels – are assembled.

Beyond the assembly display, were various RVs to view. These are not part of the standard museum collection. Sorry for some of the pictures. Small models are hard to photo.

RV Museum Newer & Remodeled Models

RV Museum Newer & Remodeled Models

In this section was my personal favorite, a remodeled Terry Trailer, complete with all the modern necessities. I could live in this.

Remodeled Terry Trailer

Remodeled Terry Trailer

And, now it was time to look in the main museum. THe museum started with the oldest models, including the oldest RV in existence, then worked its way through to more modern RVs. We shot lots of photos – too many to post here. This is a highly recommended stop if you’re in the area and are as into RVs as we are.

Enjoy the photos!

And, what’s a day without a little bit of goofing off 🙂

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