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Our Stay at Tom Sawyer’s RV Park

Tom Sawyer's RV Park

Tom Sawyer’s RV Park

1286 S 8th St,
West Memphis, AR


There really is not much that needs to be said about Tom Sawyer’s RV Park. As you can see from the photos, the park sits on the Mississippi, with a great view from most of the sites. During your stay, you are able to sit and watch various boats and barges traveling up and down the river.

Photo of a Boat Going up the Mississippi

Boat Going up the Mississippi

The on-site internet is crazy fast, and was a fairly stable connection during our stay, with only one outage – which was late, around 12am, and fixed the next morning. There is no pool, but laundry is free, there are walking trails and tree houses, and you can receive mail.

A panoramic view from the riverside treehouse at Tom Sawyer's RV Park

A panoramic view from the riverside treehouse at Tom Sawyer’s RV Park

The office staff is very friendly and attentive, even when they are slammed with customers booking stays. You are led to your site by employees on golf carts, and these same gentlemen keep an eye out (and check in to) any vehicles entering the park that they do not recognize.

Most shopping and grocery stores are no more than about a 15 minute drive, and everything you could imagine you would like to do in Memphis is within about a 30 minute drive.

We very much enjoyed our stay at Tom Sawyer’s RV Park, its location worked well, and the park was a nice home for a week.

Rating by Alan Cook: 5.0 stars


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