Styx River Resort

Posted in RV Campgrounds on April 29, 2015 Last Updated on April 29, 2015

Styx River Resort

25301 Water World Rd,
Robertsdale, AL


Laurie loves winning free stuff, so when she can sign up for a chance to win cool stuff, she does. One of her sign-ups had Ocean Canyon Properties giving us a call and offering us free week stay in one of their resorts. By the sound of it this was going to be a great stay, at a nice resort, on the Styx River, with a hot tub, and lots of amenities. The only catch, was we had to listen to their 90 minute presentation.

We knew their 90 minute presentation was going to be a high pressure sales pitch and, although we knew it probably wouldn’t be a great deal, we were surprised at just how outrageous the “deal” was. But, that’s not the point of this post. Moving on…

Styx River started us off by driving us around in their golf cart, so that we could select one of the open spots they showed us. Out of all the options, there was one lot that was more gravel than mud. We chose that one. Most of the lots are not very level, and there is an inconstancy as to whether you have a cement picnic pad, or more dirt/mud.

Our next disappointment, was the size and condition of the lots. The spaces are cramped, where your slide is going to be nice and close to the next guy’s awning. While we do not need but so much space, this is one of the parks with the smallest spaces we have stayed in. Luckily, our neighbors moved on, leaving empty lots on either side of our chosen spot.

Our RV at Styx River RV Resort

On our ride, we made mention of Laurie wanting to be close to the pool and hot tub. That’s when we found out that the hot tube, still listed on their website and brochures as of 4/23/2015, was condemned due to sanitation reasons several years ago and removed. In the photo below, you can see where it used to be.

Styx River Resort Indoor Pool Area

The rest of the amenities were ok, and most weekend warriors would find them acceptable. The park’s one redeeming factor for us was its great internet. They have lots of access points, and perform per-device load balancing – basically, one Netflix user isn’t going to kill everyone else’s internet.

Heading into our first night there, it was karaoke night. Loud, outdoor karaoke, that went on until about quarter till midnight before dying off; but, the rest of our stay was pretty quiet.

According to staff, the park has lots of add-ons they are working on that will be coming soon. But, we haven’t seen a whole lot of construction going on while we were here.

Most shopping and big box stores and within a 20 minute radius, and access to a highway is within about 5 minutes.

We didn’t mind staying here, you can’t beat the price of free. But, we definitely wouldn’t spring for their package.

Their website doesn’t show you much of their actual park, so here are some shots for your viewing pleasure.


Have you stayed here? What did you think?

Rating by Alan Cook: 2.0 stars



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