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Our Stay at Bayou Segnette State Park

Our Stay at Bayou Segnette State Park

Our Spot at Bayou Segnette State Park

Bayou Segnette State Park

7777 Westbank Expy,
Westwego, LA


We checked in at Bayou Segnette for our visit to New Orleans. The young lady we dealt with the few times at the office was not the most polite, but we did not find her quite as bad as most of the reviews make her sound. In discussing the park, we were informed that the pool was closed, and the attached water park cost an additional fee. After filling out the needed paperwork, we made our way a rather lengthy distance into the park, heading towards the dump station (there is no sewer on the individual sites) and our campsite.

Locating and backing in to our spot was fairly easy, however, we were unhappy to find the entire site’s ground and parking pad littered with discarded cigarette butts. While we know the park cannot control the actions of their guests, it would be nice for them to inspect a site and perform any needed cleanup before placing someone else in the spot. After a fairly quick phone call, we were given another camping spot, and made our way to it.

The only walking trails we noticed close to the campsites were the walkways to the bathhouse. The bathhouse, which often had squares of toilet paper strewn around the floor, had clogged toilets full of poop, and ridiculously difficult to close doors. The showers did at least provide plenty of hot water for nice long showers.

Attached to the bathhouse is a laundry facility, which offers free washing and drying. There are only two washers and two dryers, but they did not seem to be in high use during our stay. Of the remaining amenities, Bayou Segnette states they have free WiFi, but it is fairly useless – so be prepared to bring your own internet.

Finally, a little warning and heads up for anyone thinking of staying in this park. During the late spring and summer, around 8 o’clock, close your doors and windows. Tight. There are what appear to be, in our research, formosan termites which will swarm and make their way into your camper. Laurie spent her night killing the hundreds of them that made their way in between the screen and window frame before we were fully closed up. After speaking with another camper, it seems these insects also make their way in through the AC unit.A warning from the park would have been nice. But, since they do not, we’re making sure you know.

Rating by Alan Cook: 3.0 stars


Alan Cook


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