Our Pleasant Stay at Bush Campground

Posted in Reviews, RV Campgrounds on August 25, 2016 Last Updated on July 15, 2018

Bush Campground

Bush Rd
New Alexandria, PA
(724) 668-8999

We returned to Bush Campground, expecting to stay while visiting friends in Pittsburgh again, and found that they now use recreation.gov as their only way to make a reservation. For those not familiar with recreation.gov, it is similar to Reserve America – and is a nightmare to use.While we were in the process of calling, waiting on hold, having their phone system drop us, and calling again, the new camp host showed up. We were informed of the new camping prices – which had doubled. It seems a large portion of people do what we were about to do – show up, see the changes, and leave.

As far as construction,which was happening when we visited two years ago, it was still going on.

We moved on to find a new Pittsburgh camping spot.

We planned to stay a few days in this park, while visiting a friend in Pittsburgh. After our 3 day stay, we decided to stay the maximum allowed 2 weeks. As mentioned in comments around the web, the lake is a little dirty looking – but it’s only dirt dirty. We talked to a ranger, and they assured us that the various complaints are not correct.

One of our favorite spots along the lake.

One of our favorite spots along the lake.

As for the campground, it is awesome. We picked a tree covered spot with power, and a picnic table platform. There is some form of restroom – be it the main bath house or one of the smaller restrooms, available near all of the sites. They are all kept clean, and we never found one with an issue. Our spot was located only a short walk from the main bathhouse.

The campground host is a super nice guy, and rolls through on his cart every so often checking on things. He does a great job of nicely making sure people remember to have a great time while respecting the campground. Because of this, the park is peaceful and quiet, even on weekends when families showed up.

Playground and surrounding camping areas

There is a nice playground, centrally located to the front camping areas and lake access.

While WiFi is not provided, all of our internet connected devices have a strong signal here.

Overall, we love this park and have found our new place to stay whenever we visit Pittsburgh.

Rating by Alan Cook: 1.0 stars


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