Our Maryland & D.C. Van Camping Trip

Posted in Our Travels, Van Camping on October 21, 2013 Last Updated on November 27, 2013

With the new bed modifications in our E-350, we were ready to set out on our next van camping adventure. This time, we were going north up interstate 95 to the D.C. area, from there we were not sure.

Along our journey, we made an attempt to avoid highways as much as possible and enjoy the scenery. We came across quite a few interesting sites, including a bridge Alan really liked. The scenery along Route 1 and the side roads from it were pretty awesome, and we had a great time.

Of course, we had to hit thrift stores. In the process, Laurie discovered her calling as a short stack!

Laurie as Pancakes

Laurie as Pancakes

We did learn that simply following dots in a Google map may not always lead you in the direction you may want to go. At one point, Google lead our adventures through this area, which was not quite what we expected to find.

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On our way home, we detoured a bit through D.C. and checked out the sites. Your standard D.C. photos start here.

Have you ventured through the more “interesting” areas around Maryland? Or know of some great spots you have to check out? Leave a note and let us know!


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