Our Favorite Non Electric RV Pet Hair Vaccum: Bissell Natural Sweep

Posted in Uncategorized on October 16, 2016 Last Updated on October 16, 2016

As most of you know we boondock almost exclusively. We also have a husky basset hound mix named Gypsy. We have tried many ways to remove the constant coating of husky fur from our carpets and linoleum. Traditional vacuums take too much power for using on a regular basis with our small solar setup. We tried a Shark Pet Vac that was rechargeable, but the battery life on it was horrible at three minutes or so and being a hand held unit we had to be on our hands and knees to use it. We for a while used an RV Pet Rock with a ton of success, but that also required being on hands and knees. We still use the pet rock for defurring furniture.

That is when I decided to try an old standard from my days working in food service. Remember those non electric sweepers are used to quickly get up the crumbs between diners at restaurants? I did a bit of googling and found that Bissell had one that claimed to work on pet hair! I was dubious at first, but decided that at under 30 dollars I would order one.

Here’s my review.

The Bissell Natural Sweep is simple to assemble. Jut screw on the handle and your done! The Bissell Natural sweep has two brushes that really catch the dog hair and dirt and dust on your floor. The debris gets swept into two containers on the bottom of the sweeper. Emptying it is a breeze too. Simply push the two flaps on the bottom and the debris easily drops out into a bag or trash can.What can the Bissell Natural Sweep pick up? For starters it picks up a ton of dog hair. It really cleans it up well off of our carpets and hard flooring. We even run it over the dog bed every few days that is where the highest concentration of hair is and its usually pretty thick. A few passes across her bed and the majority of that hair is gone too. Along with dog hair, this sweeper picks up a on of other debris. I was amazed at how well it picked up dust! We needed to treat for fleas with diatomaceous earth. That is a fine powdery dust that is sprinkled on and rubbed into carpets to kill fleas. The Bissell Natural Sweep easily picked up the remaining surface dirt and dust from the diatomaceous earth! I was floored ( no pun intended). By using the Bissell Natural Sweep every other day, we have gotten our dog fur problem under control, and replaced our need to sweep the linoleum daily too. The only time we need to sweep is to get the tumbleweeds of fur that collect in corners and edges. The Natural Sweep cleans pretty close to walls and corners but does not get right up to them.

The best thing about the Bissell Natural Sweep is how easy it is to use. No lugging a heavy vacuum, getting on hands and knees for a handheld device, tripping over cords, etc. I used to hate sweeping and vacuuming. The Bissell Natural Sweep  is actually kind of fun to use. It is not heavy and rolls extremely easily. I can do the whole camper in less than two minutes!

Gypsy also approves of this over any other vacuum. She used to hide from the vacuum due to noise. With this sweeper she follows me round sniffing at it. I love that I can clean and not make the dog anxious from a traditional loud electric vacuum cleaner.

Rating by Laurie Clark: 5 stars