Oak Ridge, Upper Hillsborough

Posted in Boondocking on January 13, 2016 Last Updated on January 19, 2016

Our group from Alston Tract arranged to all sync our travels and, for our third Florida wild camping location, Laurie and I met them at Oak Ridge.

We left Cypress Creek to arrive a few days after the rest of the group. There were about six camping spots, split through the middle with the driving path. Another couple, in a fifth wheel, was located on one side of the camping area, and our group had taken the other.

With our standard initial checking things out, we found Oak Ridge was another location with a pretty unusable port-o-john, due to being full of waste. The plus side, is there was a non potable water pump, and plenty of trees to allow campers to bury their business in the woods.

The location was pretty quiet, with only occasional times that traffic could be heard in the distance. The sounds of birds and other small wildlife could be heard, with no real signs of larger animals.

A few other campers came through durring our stay, most of which were quiet and respectful. We arranged to return to Oak Ridge for additional relaxing nights in front of the fire with our group.

While we were gone, we were told of a group of approxametly 40 high school/college age people who showed up planning to party. They were quickly run off but, after the same behaviors at Cyprus Creek, it shows locals have a bad habbit of abusing these great spaces.

I’ll end this with a PSA. Wear safety goggles while cutting firewood, always. After being hit in the eye with a flying piece of wood, and having about 48 hours of discomfort, I can tell you I will from here on out.

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  1. Maya says:

    I’m new to boondocking and was wondering if the places in Tampa area had a time limit?Enjoyed your articles and tips!

    1. Alan Cook says:

      Hi, and thanks for reading our blog! You are allowed to make reservations for 7 days at any one location.

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