Must Have Tools For Full-Time RVers

Posted in Full Time RV Living on April 24, 2018 Last Updated on April 5, 2020

When you’re getting ready to head out, having the right tools is one of your top priorities. When you’re in an RV, where every pound counts, keeping those tools to a minimum can be a challenge. Here’s the main weight-saving super essential tools we have on board.

Black & Decker Matrix Drill Set

This handy system packs a pile of tools in a small package. We’ve used the air compressor for our truck, camper, and bike tires, the reciprocating saw for cutting fire wood, and various other drills, saws, and the sander for remodeling our camper. The Matrix Drill is by far our favorite tool on this list. Make sure you pick up an extra battery or two, for those all day project marathons.

Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

Cut Down on the number of saws you need by grabbing a set of reciprocating saw blades for your Black &Decker reciprocating saw. We’ve used ours with a hack saw blade for cutting metal, PVC pipe,and much more.


Socket & Wrench Set

A standard in any situation, wrenches and sockets are a must- don’t forget those deep wells! You can pick up an inexpensive Amazon Basics set for under $50, or a higher end Dewalt Set for under $200.

Ratcheting Multi Tip Screwdriver

Unloading that pile of standard screwdrivers is going to save weight and space. You can replace them all with a single multi tip screwdriver, while sharing the tips with other sets you have in your arsenal.

Extra Screwdriver & Drill Bits

RVs use a lot of square head screws, parts that need replacing use whatever they see fit, and you just never know what you’re going to encounter. Having extra odd sized bits for your ratcheting screwdriver will make sure you’re always ready for anything. Sets like the one linked also come with, and store, all your drill bits you’ll need as well.

Volt Meter

When your water pump stops pumping, your lights no longer light up, or your water heater stops heating – troubleshooting with a voltmeter is going to be your first step in locating and solving the problem.


Wire Repair Kit

Electrical issues, wiring in new components, repairing electronic brake wires, or just hooking up new stereo components. The list goes on.
You’ll need a wire repair kit, and make sure to keep various connectors on hand.

Caulk Gun

Seals come loose, rubber rooves tear, and accidents happen. When they do, being able to patch the problem before water gets in is important. Keep a caulk gun and, with it, and tube or two of both Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant and Proflex RV handy, and you’ll be ready. Not sure how to calk a roof? We have a post all about recaulking our RV roof and side seams!

Basic Pliers Set

For holding and squeezing, you still can’t beat a basic pair of pliers.


Good Old Fashioned Hammer

Driving in stakes, hitting a breaker bar, making a quick “it needs to stop rubbing” repair, and maybe even driving nails – you can’t go wrong with a hammer.
If you have the space, you may  want to grab a matching rubber mallet – all the fun, with less damage.

A Good Utility Knife

Cutting rope, string, tape, and wire. Opening boxes and breaking them down. Cutting your meat for dinner. So many uses, don’t forget your utility knife.
You might want to also grab a pack of extra blades too.

Basic Level
From leveling your camper, to leveling your project, a level is a must for any tool box.

A Good Headlamp
Because you know things love to break in the dark and in poorly lit, hard to get to places – make sure you always have a headlamp charged and ready.



That’s our essential tool list. If we missed your favorite tool, let us know in the comments!

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