Juniper Springs, Ocala Florida

Posted in Our Travels on March 29, 2015 Last Updated on March 29, 2015

It’s not often, lately, we have a chance to relax and go sightseeing. But, when we have the chance, places like Juniper Springs make a great day trip.

The first portion is a relaxing area where swimming is allowed in clear water that remains between 68 and 72 year round.


At the far end, sits a mill house. While the informational “visitor center” aspect proves to be a bit lacking, the building itself is pretty awesome and makes up for it.

Past the mill house is the nature trail, a fantastic walk along a wooden walkway leads you along the creek to an are where you can view the Fern Hammock Springs bubbling up through the creek.

Although not the greatest video – it’s still cool to see.

We visited both Juniper Springs and Alexander Springs this day and, if you’re in to a relaxing time with great scenery, go to Juniper.


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