How Do You Secure Items While Traveling in Your RV

Posted in How To's on April 27, 2018 Last Updated on May 6, 2018

When you’re traveling down the highway, the last thing you want is one of your knick knacks or pictures falling and breaking, or even worse, becoming a projectile and heading straight for your head!

When it’s time to secure items in your RV, you have a few options for holding down those precious keepsakes and random loose items.

Mounting Putty

We use mounting putty for holding down everything from planters to bobble heads. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t leave a mess behind, and can be reused over and over, as long as it doesn’t get too dirty.

Camping Straps

For some larger items, like our printer and our cast iron pans, we use camping straps to hold things in place. We also have a post on how we strap down our cast iron pans for travel.

Tension Rods

You know them, you may use them in your fridge, but did you know you can use them EVERYWHERE!? That’s right! We use some in our …drink… cabinet to hold bottles, in our office area to hold books and storage bins in place, and much more.


Pictures, containers, things that you want to stick and unstick and stick again will love some velcro. Plus, it has that satisfying sound…


Bungee Cords

When all else fails, grab a bungee cord.
It’ll work for now.
We keep a bunch of these around, just in case. No where to hook them? No problem! Just grab a pack of screw in hook eyes, and make your own bungee cord hooks on each side of all your loose objects.

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