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Hickory Hammock Equestrian Area

Hickory Hammock Equestrian Area

Our RV at Hickory Hammock Wildlife Management Area

Out of the free management lands we have stayed on in Florida, Hickory Hammock is by far the nicest so far. When we first arrived, a sign directed us to check in with the camp host who was unavailable at the time. A neighbor, however, verified we had a reservation and gave us a rundown of all of the amenities and their locations. Later in the day, after choosing our spot and setting up, the camp host drove by to personally verify our reservation and make sure we did not have any questions. This was a nice change, showing we would have no worries of invading locals disturbing the peaceful surroundings. After answering any questions on amenities, we were left to enjoy our stay.

When it comes to amenities, this place blows away the rest. Instead of full port-o-johns, there are solar powered composting toilets. Instead of a single non-potable water pump, there is a non-potable pump, a fresh water utility sink, and two freshwater hose hookups. There are two or more shelters, a barn, lots and lots of space, cleared areas for RVs that prefer sitting in a level back in type spot, treed in secluded spots, and more.

Your only down sides are farm planes and air boats can be heard in the distance, sometimes even at night, and … and … Ok. One downside.

The nearest town, Sebring, is only a half hour away for all of your shopping needs. There is also a nearby gas station/convenience store for your quick staple needs.

Hickory Hammock is awesome. I wish I could live here. Permanently. On with the photos!

Alan Cook


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