Dry Camping at Escapees Rainbow Plantation

Posted in RV Campgrounds on May 29, 2015 Last Updated on May 29, 2015

Rainbow Plantation

14301 Co Rd 28,
Summerdale, AL


We have been boondocking on and off for a while now and quite like it. While looking around for boondocking locations we were happy to see that Escapees has a great option for dry camping. After we joined up, we made our way to Escapees Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama. The location was perfect for us, as it was only about a 20 minute drive in any direction to reach all of our normal retail and business needs, and only about a 30 minute drive south to play for a day on the beach. Dry camping at any of the 19 Escapees parks costs only $5 a night for up to 21 nights. While dry camping with Escapees you are provided access to their shower facilities and other amenities.

There were only two showers, but they were almost always available for use during our stay. The bathrooms and showers were spacious and always very clean. There was available fresh water from a spigot and utility sink located at the barn near the dry camping section. This was an extremely nice feature as  we were told we were welcome to fill our drinking water jugs. Directly across the road from the dry camping section was their dump site, which made dumping easy the one time we needed to dump during our stay.

Your standard onsite laundry facilities are also available, with the extra perk of a large clothesline setup behind the barn for the use of anyone in the park. We’re always looking for ways to save money, and this feature brought our laundry cost down to a little over $2.


The dry camping area is located at the rear of the park, next to the RV storage area, and only a small walk from the fenced in dog run. Due to its location, and the fact that we were the only ones in dry camping, things were pretty peaceful for us during our stay. Gypsy especially liked the abundance of toys to play with in the dog run area.

The only downside, was that their internet is provided through Tengo and costs an additional fee. The connection had time periods where it dropped off for a few minutes at a time, and at one point the internet was down for about 48 hours. Tengo at least provided a refund for the down time and, when the internet was working, it did run at a fairly decent speed.

The good news is when the internet is down, the large clubhouse has free WiFi, and also sports a library room, where you can trade out your paperbacks. There is also an outdoor pool, and additional restrooms.

If you’re in the mood for a movie night, the front office also lends DVDs free of charge and has a pretty decent selection.


Overall, we rather enjoyed our stay at Rainbow Plantation. We are really glad that we found this dry camping option through the Escapees.

Have you stayed here? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Rating by Alan Cook: 4.5 stars



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