Deep Creek Preserve, Arcadia, Florida

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Deep Creek was a fairly nice place to stay, and was comparable to Oak Ridge and Cypress Creek. It had your standard amenities, including non-potable water, a port-o-john that was in need of a little more service (like a new floor) but usable and not disgusting, picnic tables, and fire rings. The park itself was well kept, clean, and really pretty.

We set up, spread out, started collecting firewood, and got ready for what we thought would be a week long stay.

The main trail, which went out the rear portion of the area, had some flooding due to rain, so we could not go too far out. Funny thing, this was a sign. After a couple nights of being here, we went to bed, and awoke the next morning to an indication that it rained. A pretty big indication.

Flooding at Deep Creek

Flooding at Deep Creek


And, it rained more. And more.

With the waters, came the Sand Hill Cranes. It was neat to watch and hear, them in the area. Without four wheel drive, we only dared to take the van out, making us stuck in this location a little longer than planned. This gave the perfect chance to gear our van up, and take a short, couple of day trip out to the beach. When we returned, the water was starting to recede, and the ground was drying up. Another night, and we were able to pull out and head on our way.

Other than being stuck, we still enjoyed our most of our stay, and it is a pretty location. If you’re going, though, make sure it’s not in a time of excessive rain. If it is, make sure you park close enough to the main road in to be able to get out.

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