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Easy Way To Store Lodge Cast Iron Pans In An RV Or Travel Trailer

Securing our cast iron pans

Purchase a strap such as this one.  They are fairly cheap and we use them often. We even strap our printer and laptops in place with them. If you are going to strap down multiple pans setting a paper towel in between pans will keep any grease from transferring to the bottoms of other pans in the stack.

storing Lodge Cast Iron Pans safely in a travel trailer

We use the Lodge 12″ Skillet and the Lodge 3.2 Quart Cast Iron Combo. Both have handles on each end. To do this you will need these or similar style cast iron pans with handles at each end.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet and Pan RV Storage

Take your strap and feed it through the bars of your stove top as seen in the above photo.

strap down Lodge Cast Iron Pans in an RV

Center your pans over the strap and pull buckle through all of the smaller handles in you cast iron pans.

Safely strapping down Lodge cast iron pans for travel mode in a motor home


Take the other end of the strap and wrap it once around all of the long handles of your Lodge cast iron pans.

Clip the clips of your strap together. Make sure to move the pans back and forth a bit and pull the strap tighter as needed. Ours move around as much as a few inches to each side but have never come loose from our stove top in the 3 plus years we have been using this method.

That’s it you are done! No more cast irons bapping around in your fragile cabinets or flying out of doors due to weight!

Here’s a quick video, showing how it’s done.

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