Camping and RV Do’s and Don’ts

Posted in How To's on August 27, 2017 Last Updated on March 29, 2018

You know how it is. You find a great spot to spend some time camping, you get all settled in, then “they” show up. Well, no one wants to be that person. That’s where the internet can help with the top things you need to make sure you do and don’t do when you’re camping, overnighting, or just around others. Hey – we’re all in this together, lets see if we can get along.

We created a poll in a couple of our Facebook groups, and these are the top 10 pet peeves from our members.

  1. Visitors who don’t get the hint to leave.
    We’ve all been there. Someone is just in the mood to talk, and no matter how many times you try and exit the conversation, you just can’t get them out the door.
  2. Drunks
    A couple drinks are OK, heck several drinks are OK. But, when you’re the one knocking over things and falling into the campfire…. You’re number 9 on this list.
  3. A** Hole Husbands Living in a Small Space
    We’re not touching this one….
  4. People Complaining About Campfire Smoke
    If you go camping, you know there will be camp fires. Fire makes smoke.
  5. Loud Kids, and Lots of Them
    Kids are one thing. Lots of kids are another thing. Lots and lots of screaming kids in a small area… That’s a whole new level.
  6. Loud Generators
    Birds chirping, crickets cricketing, the wind rustles through the leaves, and your neighbor fires up his 5,000 WATT Harbor Freight generator to vibrate your camper, and rattle your brain. Well, you can’t hear those loud kids anymore!
  7. Loud Music, and It’s Not Even Good Music
    You like country but hate rap?
    You like rap but hate country?
    We don’t all have the same taste, your neighbors might not want to hear your music.
  8. Dog Crap. Everywhere
    It’s not too complicated. You walk your dog, you take some bags. Your dog poops, you pick it up (with the bag!). Even if you have a little dog, and “Oh, it’s just little poops”, it still makes stinky crap on someone else’s shoe. Be a champ, pick it up.
  9. Bark Bark Bark Bark Yap Dogs
    Training. It’s not hard, it just takes dedication and knowledge. Teach your dog not to bark at anyone and everything, and everyone will appreciate it. Seriously, I agree with the poll here, there isn’t much worse than a dog that yaps all day, and will not shut up.
  10. Cutting Through My Spot
    Seriously, there are paths, roads, empty areas, fields, all kinds of ways to get places. Why must you cut right through someone else’s spot? Get the extra few steps – your fitbit, Pokemon, or whatever will appreciate it.

Have a pieve we missed? Something you think is worse than the above? Let us know in the comments!

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