Building a Simple Removable Bed in Our Cargo Van

Posted in Our E350 Super Duty, Van Camping on October 24, 2013 Last Updated on February 17, 2014

We quickly learned that our original crates and queen air mattress setup was not going to work. The mattress took up too much space, and the crates were not large enough for a majority of the items we were ending up purchasing. We still wanted a simple solution that was easily removable, and this is what we made.

The only “permanent” portion of the new cargo van bed are the two boards attached to the walls. We used some of the original bolt holes in the van and mounted the boards with simple nuts, bolts, and oversized washers.

Two frames were fashioned using 2×2’s and some leftover trim boards to create a square to support the mattress. The flatter boards simply keep the 2×2’s from moving during the night, which would not be fun.

We later added additional support by using the luan left over from the bunks to desk conversion in our camper. This was a simple matter of cutting the luan to fit, stapling it to the 2×2’s, and hammering down any staples that did not sit fully into the wood.

A full sized mattress then fits on top and is perfectly supported by the luan covered 2×2’s.

And, there you have it. The frames can easily be pulled back out of the van, giving us all the cargo space back. Our bed is higher, allowing for more storage of products and even our largest cooler.


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