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Best RV Kitchen Tools: Swiss Pull Chop Mini Food Processor Chopper

Best RV Kitchen Tools: Swiss Pull Chop Mini Food Processor Chopper

Rv Kitchen Essentials Swiss Pull Chop Mini Food Processor Chopper

Swiss Pull Chop Mini Food Processor Chopper

I bought the Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop brand new at my local thrift store. They had two at the time and I wish I had gotten both because I love mine so much.  This is the perfect size for an RV. It has no electrical parts making it the perfect kitchen tool for boon docking as well.

The Swiss Pull Chop is extremely easy to use. I love that I can control exactly how coarsely or finely my veggies are chopped by pulling more or less times. In my mini Cuisinart I ended up with a wet pulverized mess with large chunks of veggies in it when trying to make salsa. The Swiss Pull Chop cuts the veggies evenly and doesn’t turn them instantly to mush.  I find that in 2 pulls I get a coarse chop.  In 4 pulls I get a nice mince. In about 10 pulls I have a smooth puree. The pulling action is not difficult either. It is actually a ton of fun.

I have used my Swiss Pull Chop daily for many months and the blades are still razor sharp. The cord is made of a heavy duty rope material and has withstood heavy use and washings with no loosening or fraying. This product is built to last.

Clean up is much easier than with my electric Cuisinart as well. I just rinse everything immediately in warm soapy water. You cant do that with the electric mini food processors. I am so glad I tried this product and hope that the company is around for a long time and comes out with more amazing RV friendly kitchen products.

Rating by Laurie Clark: 5.0 stars

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