Best Lightweight RV Mattress: Innerspace Luxury Products RV Mattress Review

Posted in Living Thrifty on February 17, 2014 Last Updated on September 15, 2018

Innerspace Luxury Products RV Mattress

When we first bought our used 2008 Forest River Wildwood 29TBSS it had a rather suspect looking sticks and bricks style mattress in it. We knew we would need to throw it out. We initially replaced it with our pillow top queen mattress from our sticks and bricks apartment. We really had to squish that mattress to fit into the slightly shorter bedroom in our travel trailer. The mattress was really heavy which made lifting the bed to access storage a grumpy two person job. Trying to put sheets on a mattress that has been shoved into a space half a foot too small was a painful and nearly impossible feat. This was still manageable until winter hit. We wintered in cold Richmond, Va. Anyone who has winter camped knows how awful condensation can be. We found when wrestling the sheets onto the bed that the wall the mattress was jammed up against was dripping with condensation. We could not get in there regularly to wipe it dry and did not want to risk rotting out the back wall of our camper.

So we went on a hunt for a lightweight RV queen sized mattress. We looked at many options but most were pricey and costly to ship. We finally came across probably the most comfy mattress I have slept on in quite a while. Innerspace Luxury Products RV Mattress.

Innerspace RV Mattress

The Innerspace RV mattress is unique in that it comes tightly rolled and needs 3 to 5 days of “resting” after opening to expand to its full 5 inch height. Ours was ready in three days. I like a mattress on the firm side and Alan prefers slightly softer mattresses. This suits both of our sleep needs well. I am extremely happy with it especially for the price. Ours cost us 180 bucks which is extremely inexpensive for a mattress.

This mattress solved the problem of condensation because it is sized for an rv being shorter than an sticks and bricks style mattress. There is now space between the mattress and the wall to change the sheets with ease. Also the mattress is so lightweight that I can now easily lift the bed for access to the storage underneath.

Innerspace RV Mattress Review

We ended up getting a 3/4 mattress which is closer to full size. We often van camp away from our travel trailer. We built a removable bed frame in the back of our van that a full sized mattress fits perfectly. Buying the full size instead of the queen still gives us plenty of room for sleeping in either place. Now we don’t need to blow up an airbed and can van camp with the same comfy mattress as in our travel trailer. The mattress is lightweight which makes it a breeze to move it between the two. Alan fills in the gap on his side of  the camper bed with a body pillow giving him a wall of comfort to snuggle into.

If you are in the market for an RV Mattress I highly recommend checking this one out.

Rating by Laurie Clark: 4.0 stars