Our Stay at Alston Tract, Crystal Springs, Florida

Posted in Boondocking on December 18, 2015 Last Updated on December 18, 2015

Our first Florida Boondocking adventure on SWFWMD public land started at Alston Tract. When we arrived, we were the only campers at the location. Alston Tract is very well maintained. The port-o-john was clean and filled with fresh blue-stuff, there was no sign of trash, fire pits were clean and empty, and the area was in overall great shape. There is a single non potable water pump in the center of the camping area, and a shelter towards the front.

Wildlife on Alston Tract is abundant and fantastic. Various spiders – including orb spiders and some spiky things have webs throughout the trees, owls and sand hill cranes can be heard in the distance, and the reptiles and amphibians are abundant.

One word of caution, there are brave coyote packs in the area, which will surround your camp and may enter when you are in your tent or RV.

Our first night, though, was fairly uneventful and quiet. During our first full day in the camp another camper, named Wolf, arrived and made for great conversation into the night. On our second day, Wolf was on his way and was later replaced by another single camper, Jay, and a couple, Chris and Jordan.

Every night was spent around a shared, larger fire, and we all had a chance to learn camping tips, full-time information, and much more from each other.

During the day, when you aren’t lounging around like we often did, there are plenty of trails through the tract to keep anyone who enjoys hiking busy. If you’re feeling really energetic, it is about an 8 mile bike ride to Zephyrhills. It’s a neat little town, and made for a great ride.

Overall, Alston Tract was great and we highly recommend it. Have you stayed there? Post comments – tell us all about it!

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