Dog Safety

I know there are various questions that will come up concerning our dog, Gypsy, and her part in our adventures. Because of this, I am making this main page that details everything you may want to know. This page will serve two purposes: to help others with how to handle their animals, and to alleviate any concerns people may have over our dogs care.

Without further adieu, here are all of your possible concerns addressed.

Gypsy Goes Everywhere With Us.CAM00032

Yes, sometimes Gypsy has to stay in the car. This is extremely simple to handle, and we have been doing it for a long time. If it’s nice outside, we leave the windows down or “cracked”. If it’s warm or hot outside, where we would have any concern whatsoever, we leave gypsy at home as much as possible. When leaving her is not an option, or we have an unexpected stop, we will leave the vehicle locked and running with the AC on. Gypsy stays quite comfortable, and Alan comes out to check on her often. We have still had people complain to stores that the dog is in the car. For them, we have made nice suction cup signs stating “The air is on, the dog is fine.” We have a second set of keys to renter the vehicle. Our opinions is: if we can live in the van for a week, the dog can for 10 minutes. While we’re living in the van for a week, we can’t very well leave the dog in the camper.

For both Gypsy’s and our safety, when needed, we use the KONG Control Grip Plus Leash to attach her in the car and limit her urge to give us kisses while driving.

Where is Gypsy while you’re out exploring?CAM00599

This varies based on what we are doing. Our dog is our companion and traveling buddy. Whenever possible, Gypsy is right there with us seeing the sites. She has been in R.V. lots browsing R.V.’s, walking through the crowded city streets of Pittsburgh, viewing historic landmarks, observing scenic areas, in parks, the list goes on. Gypsy will probably see more sites in her doggy life than some people ever do.

In cases where she cannot come with us, it all depends on the timeframe. She may wait in the car, she may go on her 25ft or 30ft tie-out, or if it is going to be more than a few minutes – like the Gluten Free Expo – we pay to have her boarded. Whatever we do, we always have her best interests in mind, and try to make sure she has the least amount of stress possible.

Have any concerns we didn’t address? Or, questions about Gypsy’s part in any of our travels? Feel free to leave a comment and ask!