Floyd Bennett Field RV Campground. It’s Walmart, but Worse.

Floyd Bennett Field RV Campground

1 Floyd Bennett Fld
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 338-3799

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to stay in the wildest, loudest of Walmart parking lots, but were to nervous to stay in one, Floyd Bennett Field National Park Campground can give you that experience for a whopping $30 a night. That’s right, in an old airport, sitting on top of the equivalent of a parking area, shared with water access, and you can stay in Brooklyn, New York.

RV Park, or Driving School?

During your stay, you can enjoy locals using the campground markers to learn to drive a car. Always entertaining, watching them as they navigate the treacherous terrain.

Racing Motorcycle

If watching student drivers isn’t enough for you, you can also watch the motorcycles racing and revving back and forth across the concrete slabs.

If you’re a aeronautics enthusiast, you’re sure to love the options available. There is a hanger for HARP, opened a few days a week for a few hours, where you can tour vintage planes. But, if that’s not enough for you, there is also a NYPD airfield on the other side of it. You have the enjoyment of NYPD helicopters flying over the campground, low enough to see all the awesome details, on a regular basis. And, there is also a airport across the water. That’s right, non stop commercial flights. How awesome is that!

But if none of that gets you going, and auto racing is more your thing, just wait. Yes, more great news is coming. Wait until about 3am. Then, the cool kids show up, rev engines, and do awesome burnouts and donuts so close you can feel it.

Never fear, though. It’s non stop fun. If you’re worried about someone stopping all this great adventure, don’t. There isn’t any security to stop all the fun. That’s right, you can sleep soundly, and go visit the area in peace, knowing no security will stop your good times.

One last thing. Lets talk trash.

Trash Can Our of Order

Trash Can Our of Order

Apparently, you put it where you want! There’s trash all over the beach, all over the place. But, the trash can is out of order. We aren’t sure yet how that happens, we aren’t sure how a place RIGHT NEXT TO THE SANITATION DEPARTMENT can be like this, but it sure makes figuring out what to do with trash easy…

So, again, if you’re looking for that wild rural crazy loud Walmart experience, but want to pay for it, this is the place for you.

Rating by Alan Cook: 1.5 stars


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