Quality 1st is Anything But

Just like we praise the things we love, sometimes there’s a need to warn people of what to avoid.

Quality 1st Truck & Trailer Repair

13345 S Preston Hwy
Lebanon Junction, KY
(502) 310-2581


While traveling through Kentucky, we had an issue which required our rear axle to be replaced. We chose Quality 1st Truck & Trailer Repair to perform this service. They provided the axle, which they stated “one of their guys made”. The axle was installed on October 16 2015, and we continued along our travels. On May 5th 2016, we started having issues and, upon investigation, noticed that the wire to our trailer breaks were wrapped around the rear axle. We disengaged the trailer breaks, contacted our GoodSam roadside to help us find the closest repair shop that could help us, and made our way there.

Upon inspection, the shop determined the issue was with the weld job on the axle. The shop informed us that Quality 1st Truck and Trailer Repair had used what are called tack welds. These are welds which hold a part in place, while the real welds are completed. This should have never left their shop, and definitely never been put on a customer’s vehicle. As if this was not bad enough, Quality 1st made it worse.

Previous welder did not weld shackle correctly

Previous welder did not weld shackle correctly

On the morning of May 6th, I called Quality 1st and was told that the owner would call me back “in the afternoon”. As of 4:44pm I had not received a call, called them back, and was told the owner was “out on a call” and would call me back. I pointed out that I had called in the morning, had not heard back, and inquired when I would be receiving a call. The employee stated it could be an hour, could be two. I reminded them that I had an issue, and was told I would receive a call in the afternoon. Mid-sentence the employee said “OK, thank you.” And hung up on me.

I contacted my credit card company, Chase, in an attempt to have their assistance in resolving the issue. Usually, they provide great customer service, and make sure their clients are happy. Chase contacted Quality 1st, and were only told the same information I had received. The transaction was out of Chase’s allowable time for a charge back, but I was provided with information on how to escalate the case.

On May 11th, I contacted Quality 1st again. As before, the employee stated the owner was out of the office. When asked when I could expect a phone call, I was told “5 or 6”. I stated that I hadn’t heard back in around a week, how do I know I would here back today, and told he would call me. I requested they leave a note that told them to call me today, or I would be moving on with the next step in handling this. The employee said “Ok”, and we hung up. I received no call.

At this point, I faxed all of the needed information to Chase and waited. And waited. And waited more. On June 10th, I had still received no phone call from Quality 1st. They have no interest in contacting a customer back, who they put in a very dangerous situation. We received a letter concerning our dispute, Chase bank is currently stating that the charges are valid “Since a significant amount of time has passed”.

We spoke with a Chase rep. and there is a time frame that credit card companies are allowed to perform a charge back. After that point, regulations prevent them from doing anything.

Quality 1st ripped us off, and gets to keep all of the money.

Rating by Alan Cook: 1.0 stars


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