Gypsy Drinking from Spill Proof Water Bowl

An RV’s Best Friend – a Spill Proof Dog Water Bowl

Water Boy Spill Proff Water Bowl

One thing is for sure, when it comes to living in an RV water is not something you want damaging your floor. When traveling, the movement could cause Gypsy’s water bowl to flip and spill everywhere. Add to that, she started her life with us enjoying flipping her water bowl over, sending a flood across the floor. We knew we needed a solution, and that is when we discovered the joy that is a spill proof water bowl.

My only complaint is the shape and size can make it difficult to clean. Gunk can build up – as with all water dishes – and the handle is not an easy area to clean.

Other than that, this thing is awesome. Gypsy can’t flip it, it doesn’t spill everywhere when traveling, and it holds a decent amount of water. Overall, we have been very happy with our WaterBoy.

Rating by Alan Cook: 4.5 stars


What’s Behind the Microwave? Removing Our RV Microwave Because We Can!

Since we moved in to our camper, there have been six screws mocking me.  Telling me I will never have the time to remove them. That the space they hide is a secret, never to be seen by my eyes. Poppycock, says I. We removed them, and pulled out our microwave. Because we wanted to.

For those vertically challenged folks, Laurie was very happy to see she could now reach it to clean it. I’m tempted to install quick release screws for future easy removal, but I digress.

There wasn’t really anything fantastic behind the microwave, just space. It does surprise me however, with each item I take apart, how much space RV manufactures waste. From the vast chasm that is the top of my pantry, to this newly found area above the microwave, there are countless areas drawers and cabinets could be added. Just look at all this room above the microwave hole.

That’s it, nothing more. What have you been itching to remove?

JB Weld for Camper Repair

J-B Weld KwikWood Review for Camper Wood Repair

J-B Weld KwikWood Review for Camper Wood Repair

In one of our many inspections, we noticed water damage to the cabinet under our kitchen sink. In looking at options, we came across J-B Weld’s KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty and decided to try it out. As you may well know the “wood” in most travel trailers is composed of pencil shavings and Elmer’s glue. Even the smallest amount of water can make it bulge and crumble.

We checked out the selection at our local Home Depot where they were neither friendly or helpful (wish we had gone to Ace Hardware for this job). We read that the Kwikwood would do the job. Kwikwood is a two step simple process. The putty is an easy to cut two tones roll. All you do is cut off the desired amount and mix the two colors until uniform. Make sure to use gloves during the whole process.

After mixing the putty you have abut two minutes too use it before it dries. This was not an issue with the small area we needed to work wit. My gloves ended up being too large and made it difficult to apply the putty evenly. We easily fixed the mistakes in the sanding process. This putty does have a bad odor so cracking a window and of course following all safety instructions on the packaging is advised.

After allowing the KwikWood to dry, we gave it a sanding to smooth out (most of) the inconsistencies caused by the too large gloves and clumsy fingers..

After sanding, we use some of our Minwax Golden Oak stain, left over from stage two of our camper desk build, to make the section more closely match the rest of the cabinet.


Rating by Laurie Clark: 4.0 stars

Coat Hook Mounted in RV

Adding a Coat Hook Should be Easy…

During the winter, we quickly learned how much valuable space a variety of coats can take up in a camper. Normally, mounting a coat hook in the wall is a fairly simple process and does not involve more than a screwdriver and about 5 minutes worth of work. So, we installed coat hooks that matched our decor and (more…)

Innerspace RV Mattress Review

Best Lightweight RV Mattress: Innerspace Luxury Products RV Mattress Review

Innerspace Luxury Products RV Mattress

When we first bought our used 2008 Forest River Wildwood 29TBSS it had a rather suspect looking sticks and bricks style mattress in it. We knew we would need to throw it out. We initially replaced it with our pillow top queen mattress from our sticks and bricks apartment. We really had to squish that mattress to fit into the slightly shorter bedroom in our travel trailer. The mattress was really heavy which made lifting the bed to access storage a grumpy two person job. Trying to put sheets on a mattress that has been shoved into a space half a foot too small was a painful and nearly impossible feat. This was still manageable until winter hit. We wintered in cold Richmond, Va. Anyone who has winter camped knows how awful condensation can be. We found when wrestling the sheets onto the bed that the wall the mattress was jammed up against was dripping with condensation. We could not (more…)

J-B Weld WaterWeld Review for Camper Repair

J-B Weld WaterWeld

When we had a slight cracking issue with our Sewer Solution, we ended up with a bit of a leak. Being we use our sewer solution every four days or so to drain our tanks, and having black water spraying isn’t something we are comfortable allowing to happen, we knew we needed an affordable solution. Spending another $100 or more on a new SewerSolution wasn’t an option.

That’s when Laurie’s looking turned up J-B Weld WaterWeld. It boasts all the power of J-B Weld products, and can be used in liquid environments. Score! A new weapon in our arsenal of thriftiness to try!

The water weld worked quite nicely. It sealed up the cracks and now, hopefully, prevents the cracks from becoming larger. We’ve used our SewerSolution a few times since the repair and it is holding up nicely.

Rating by Alan Cook: 4.5 stars

Vehicle LCD Voltage Meter / Battery Monitor For 12V

Vehicle LCD Voltage Meter / Battery Monitor For 12V

Vehicle LCD Voltage Meter / Battery Monitor For 12V

When van camping, we often do not know the current state of our batteries when using the cigarette lighter plug to charge phones and a laptop. And, until we decide to set up a separate battery bank with solar, we need to avoid being stranded with a drained battery. After a bit of research, we picked up a vehicle voltage meter for a great price on eBay that plugs directly into the 12V socket.

This little device was quite inexpensive, coming in at around $8 with shipping. We picked ours up on this listing from redneckpowersports.

While we are still in the process of giving this the full test, it does seem like it’s going to save us a lot of worrying. Our only dislike, which is minor, is that the whole unit is a little larger than we would prefer. This could prove to be a benefit at a later date, should we have the need to see the display from a distance.

Rating by Alan Cook: 4.5 stars

Magic Chef RV Oven Thermostat Replacement

Replacing Our Magic Chef R.V. Oven Thermostat

During a cleaning and inspection of our oven, Laurie noticed two lonely wires which turned out to be one wire that had melted in half.


Then, after a few times using the oven, we determined it was getting way hotter than it should. Let’s just say your stove top should never get hot enough to melt completely through the cord on your coffee pot when it is set to bake at 350. It was time for a new coffee pot and time to learn how to work on an oven. (more…)